McCleery Project - Canada

The McCleery Project is located within the Yukon Territory, Canada. Copper mineralisation was discovered and staked early in 1974. Initial exploration focused on copper mineralisation with rock samples assaying up to 15.6% Cu and 461g/t Ag.

Historic reports record multiple occurrences of cobalt bloom (secondary cobalt) and cobaltite (cobalt sulphide) however only one sample from the Project has been assayed for cobalt, returning 0.76% Co and 14g/t Ag.

The occurrences of cobalt bloom and cobaltite are separated by approximately 1km of prospective strike.

No work has been completed on the Project since 1983 and there is no knowledge of the Project having been drilled.

Rafaella intends to explore the McCleery Project, focusing on the potential for the Project to host economic cobalt mineralisation.

mccleery project figure 1  mccleery project figure 2

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